1. Weekend service may be available upon advanced notice. This service costs an additional $25 to the normal service rates.
  2. Invoice are sent out two weeks prior to payment due date which is the first of the month.
  3. Sparkle Tech Pool Service reserves the right to charge fees for late payment. After 30 days net,  $15 or 10% of the overdue invoice, which ever is higher, may be charged on the next billing cycle.                              
  4. Scheduled cleaning dates will appear on the invoice and are subject to change. 
  5. Rain service consists of cleaning the skimmer or skimmers, cleaning the pump basket and checking the chemicals. This applies to any scheduled date when it is raining hard and/or lightning is present.
  6. Sparkle Tech Pool Service is not responsible for water levels. Damages to equipment can result from not maintaining proper water levels.
  7. Regarding additional services, services will be billed per hour- with a minimum of one hour.
  8. Bounced or returned checks are subject to a $25.00 fee.